Tuesday, April 9, 2013

songs of the wheel
A Song in honor of Summer Wheel and the delicious toil its preparation demands... such labor rings the hide like a bell.

And a piece composed shortly after holding the first Winter Wheel at House HookedThorn

Photos by Adam DeGrosse, at Medusa and 7th St. Entry Minneapolis March 2012

More Photos of TABOO & ANCESTRAL DIET performing at Wierd Night, NYC February 15th 2012 http://www.flickr.com/photos/wierd/6933947191/in/set-72157629464036833/

contact: taboo@9fingers.org
Introducing an audio series from House Hooked-Thorn
MIASMA is TABOO rearanged along with other 9fingers clan-kin conducting various Next-Cycle readings, invocation/evocation of elemental and deific entities, radionic transmissions, frequency baths, teknadrama allegory, terrestriological ceremony and PUJA/BLOT of all sorts.  check in on this periodicly released sound journal.

MIASMA scV-tape 60 minutes

MIASMA scIII-tape 60 minutes

for more information contact taboo@9fingers.org

Also, Asa Irons of TABOO has just released a new 12" LP entitled 'Knife Gift Debt'
 find it at www.turnedword.com