Friday, December 26, 2014

///JAN 14 - Portland, ME at Genos w/ Pharmakon\\\
///JAN 31- Hudson, NY TikiBar\\\
FEB 1 - ///TBA\\\
///FEB 2 - Cleveland, OH at NowThatsClass w/Inbreeder, DeadPeasantInsurence, ChillumDafoe\\\
///FEB 3 - Pittsburgh, PA at Babyland w/ ComeHolySpirit\\\\
///FEB 4 - Detroit, MI at UFO Factory w ClayRendering, Destroy\\\
///FEB 5 - Kalamazoo, MI at The Forbidden Zone\\\
///FEB 6 - Chicago, IL at Heavy Petting w/Lifestyles, Slayer Kitty and Loggoreah\\\
///FEB 7 - Chicago, IL at PinkySwear: FogFest w/ Forced Into Femininity\\\
///FEB 8 - Columbia, MO at Cafe Berlin w/Lonesome Pines, Vulvette\\\
///FEB 9 - Omaha, NE at Oleavers Bar\ w/ RubyBlock, HAG\\
///FEB 10 - Kansas City, MO at Vacant Farm w/TheFog, Scammers, JametatoneXIsam\\\
///FEB 11 - Lawrence, KS at 8th St Tap w/ Dog, HumanTraffic\\\
///FEB 12 - St. Louis. MO at Melt w/Catholic Guilt, LarvaLou\\\
///FEB 13 - TBA\\\
///FEB 14 - Nashville, TN at Rat Snake Lodge w/ TheXists, CalebGregory\\\
///FEB 15 Asheville, NC at Static Age w/ Caethua, Viszk, Common Visions\\\
///FEB 17 - Richmond, VA at Auxiliary\\\
///FEB 18 - DC at Dr. Clocks Nowhere Bar w/ People'sDrug, RadiatorGreys, Cryptid\\\
///FEB 19 - Baltimore, MD at Tribal House\\\
///FEB - 20 - Philadelphia, PA at The Vat w/ Human Adults\\\
///FEB 21 - Brooklyn at Trilamb on Dekalb w/ Bernard Herman\\\
///FEB 22- TBA\\\
///FEB 24 - Providence, RI at Aurora w/Human Beast, TimeGhost, Sire, films by Carlos Gonzales\\\
///FEB 25 - Greenfield, Ma at JohnDoeJr w/OJ and DigitalManure\\\
///FEB 26 - Boston, MA at DeepThoughts w/SuicideMagnets, NateVentura\\\
///FEB 27 - NH TBA\\\
///FEB 28 - Portland, ME at Genos w/ NewEnglandPatriots, VideoNasties, I,Barbarian\\\

rough mix of the song Rainbow Bridge 
from forthcoming TABOO album TotalWoodenDogfaceTomorrow


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