Friday, May 15, 2015

/// 2016 \\\

Feb, 27::::Providence, RI, with Rectrix
Feb, 28::::NYC, Bushwick, SunnyVale, with Ashes
Feb29::::DC, HotTubHouse, with Apparatchik & Jail Solidarity 
March 1::::Philadelphia, PA, West Kensington Ministry with PointBreezeCountryClub
March 2::::Baltimore, MD, EMP, with Trogpite
March 3::::Pittsburg, PA BabyLand with ComeHolySpirit
March 4::::Cincinnati, OH, Rakes End with DreamsInHell, IOVAE
March 5::::St Louis, MO, KerrFoundation with ICE, BiggieStardust
March 6::::KC, MO, Hidden Temple, with Chasm, PiperHarrow, AshleyMiller&ISam
March 7:::: Lawrence, KS
March 10:::: LA, CA, TheHandbagFactory with Rind
March 11::::Sacramento, CA, CafeColonial, with Reggae90210
March 12::::SF, CA, Grand Theatre
March 14::::Oakland, CA, Stork Club with BlackDog, RelayForDeath, LeisureTone
March 15::::Brownsville, CA, Tracey Trance & CO, Reggae90210
March 16::::Hayfork, CA, Northern Delights with Reggae90210
March 17::::Eureka, CA, VFW with Reggae90210, Zelosis
March 18::::Portland, OR, Glitterdome, with TinyKnives, Tensors
March 19::::Seattle, WA, TheForge with Geist&TheSacredEnsemble
March 20::::Olympia, WA
March 22::::Missoula, MO, VFW
March 25::::Minneapolis, MN, Eagles Club with Bloodwall
March 26::::Madison, WI
March 27::::Milwaukee, WI, Circle A with NamesDivine
March 28::::Chicago, IL, Archer Beach House, with ForcedIntoFemininity
March 29::::Detroit, MI
March 30::::Buffalo, NY, Dreamland
March 31::::Hudson, NY, 
April 1::::Cambridge, MA, OutOfTheBlue, FoolsFest, 30+ bands
April 2::::Belfast, ME, Waterfall Arts with Geist&TheSacredEnsemble, MagicMirror

More TBA